Harness the Power of SMS
with mobipost for MINDBODY

mobipost for MINDBODY is a cloud-based platform that enables you to send targeted SMS campaigns to individuals, or specific segments of clients, members, ex-members or prospects. Fully integrated into your MINDBODY application, mobipost provides a simple and seamless experience.

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Why mobipost for MINDBODY?

Whether you want to attract new clients, or increase client patronage, mobipost for MINDBODY is focused on sending marketing campaigns, allowing you to effortlessly target:


Send an offer or limited time promotion for people that enquired online, walked in off the street or called your business.


Send an SMS to ex-members/clients who have left or you haven’t seen in a while. Announce updates, new services or provide an offer they can’t refuse to entice them back.

Current members/clients

Keep them informed about what is going on in your business – advise changes to opening hours, new classes or services, appointment reminders, birthday messages, promote referral campaigns, non-attendance reminders or send a welcome message.

Great features that will simplify your operations

mobipost for MINDBODY directly accesses your latest MINDBODY client database – there is no need to export your data and manage complex spreadsheets.

A dedicated number allows two-way SMS, which is great for capturing leads and engaging clients in conversation

Choose from a range of pre-set filters that have been designed to make your marketing easier

Enjoy full reporting capability, with the ability to run real time reporting to monitor and track your campaigns

It’s easy to create and save templates that you are going to use frequently 

With the high quality mobipost platform, messages are sent in seconds

Plan ahead, or act on the spot – you can schedule messages or send them now

We help with compliance, ensuring an automatic opt out notification is added to all of your messages 

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